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North-West Telecom

February 17, 2005

North-West Telecom has summed up the preliminary results of operating performance in Leningrad Oblast for the Year 2004

In 2004 the proceeds of the Lensvyaz branch of OJSC NWT grew by 24% and amounted to RUR 1,740.6 million.

OJSC North-West Telecom’s investment in the development of communication networks and facilities of Leningrad Oblast reached RUR 512.3 million in 2004. In the framework of the investment programme, 52,700 new lines were put into operation, 32,200 of which were used to replace the outdated telephone capacity. All lines put into operation are digital lines based on packet switching equipment. They ensure a high-quality telephone communication, access to the Internet and extra communication services. 

As of 1st January 2005 the total installed capacity of the Lensvyaz branch was 465,000 lines.  The total number of the subscribers of the branch is over 430,000. Intensive telecommunication construction has made it possible to reduce the number of unsatisfied applications for providing telephone communication by 38.9%. Telephone density is 25.2 telephone sets for 100 residents, this figure exceeding 30% for 100 residents on the city network and amounting to 15.6% in the countryside.

39.5% of telephone exchanges of the total installed capacity are digital.  In 2004 the last step-by-step telephone exchange of Leningrad Oblast was replaced in the town of Tikhvin. Tikhvin has become the second town of the region with a 100% digitalization after Boxitogorsk. The outdated telephone exchange has been replaced by packet switching equipment. The year 2004 started the use of convergent network of the Lensvyaz branch.

Starting from April 2004, Leningrad Oblast has been using a new geographic code – ABC 813.   Two zone-transit centers have been built in the towns of Tosno and Gatchina to accomplish this transition. Intrazone communication is 100% digitalized. 

Leningrad Oblast is implementing a regional target programme of providing participants and the disabled of the World War II with telephone communication. In 2004 they received 964 telephone sets in Leningrad Oblast.   

Starting from 1st January 2004 ?DSL dedicated Internet access services are provided in Leningrad Oblast. Taking into account that such services are in keen demand, it is planned that in 2005 the technical facilities of the branch will be significantly expanded for intensive promotion of the service.   As compared to the year 2003, the number of dial-up access Internet users grew by 43.5% - as of the start of 2005 their number was 24,4000.




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