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North-West Telecom

October 13, 2005

North-West Telecom has summed up the results of implementing the programme of providing telecommunication services to residents of St. Petersburg for the years 2005-2007 in the 3rd quarter of 2005

In the 3rd quarter of 2005 the branch Petersburg Telephone Network of OJSC NWT satisfied 14,115 applications from citizens for telephone installation received before 1st January 2005. On the whole, the results of the 9 months of 2005 show that the queue for telephone installation has been reduced by 37,000 applications.  Most of the applications received from citizens before 1st January 2005 were satisfied in Kalininsky, Kirovsky, Krasnoselsky, Primorsky and Tsentralny districts of the city. Digital equipment has been installed at the telephone exchanges ATS-277 Oktyabrskaya, ATS-231 Zelenogorskaya and ATS-242/246 Lanskaya.

There has been active work at the Moskovskaya and Bestuzhevskaya crossing stations, which will start the work of the 29th and 36th-45th district centers. The start-up of these telephone exchanges will make it possible to replace the last decade-step exchanges operating in St. Petersburg with up-to-date electronic ones. In compliance with the work plan, the testing of the up-to-date telecommunication equipment is under way at the telephone exchanges Glavnaya, Severomurinskaya, Poklonogorskaya, Svetlanovskaya, Tikhoretskaya, Flyugovskaya, Sosnovskaya, Vyborgskaya, Politekhnicheskaya and Grazhdanskaya-1 of the Severny Telecommunications Engineering Centre (STUE).

The works related to providing telephone communication to the settlement of Novo-Devyatkino are close to completion, this task having been included in the project of the Programme as one of the most complicated and high-cost territories of the region from the point of view of installing telephone communications.   

The works of providing telephone communication to the settlement of Bugry, where houses are being equipped with new line structures, are under way. In Kurortny district of the city, the switching over of the subscribers of the telephone exchanges Komarovo and Molodyozhnoye to electronic equipment has been successfully completed.

114 applications from participants and the disabled of WWII, residents of the blockade Leningrad and equal categories of citizens were satisfied in the 3rd quarter. All in all, 750 applications from the said privileged categories of citizens were satisfied during the 9 months of 2005, including all applications received before 1st January 2005. At the moment the work of providing telephone communication to the privileged categories of citizens is continuing and all received applications are fully satisfied. 

As of 1st January 2005, the city queue for telephone installation numbered 56,000 applications. The problem of telephone installation was especially acute for those living in remote settlements, often scarcely populated, with privately built territories in Petrodvortsovy, Krasnoselsky, Vyborgsky, Kurortny and Pushkin districts of the city. The queue for such most difficult areas was about 12,000 applications as of  1st January. In the 4th quarter of the current year the PTN branch of OJSC North-West Telecom is planning to satisfy 12,000 applications from citizens from those received before 1st January 2005.

It is expected that, as a result of replacement of analog equipment of telephone exchanges by digital equipment, 14,000 shared telephone lines will be deblocked in 2005 and about 11,000 in 2006. If extra funds are included in the investment plan for replacement of subscriber sets equipment at telephone exchanges and provision of extra equipment for line structures, it is expected that another 29,000 lines will be deblocked in 2006.    

Along with accomplishing the set tasks of eliminating the queue for telephone installation, North-West Telecom is also working on improving the client servicing quality. In this connection, a decision has been taken to create a Unified Reference Service (URS) in St. Petersburg. Applying to such a reference service, clients of the company will be able to get answers to questions related both to information about the city on the whole and to communication services and payment for them. URS will be created on the basis of the already existing reference and information services 09 and 069.  Its trial operation will start on 1st December 2005.




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