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November 17, 2005

Blue Stream project officially inaugurated

Today the Blue Stream project has been officially inaugurated at the Samsun-based Durusu gas metering station (Turkey).

Attending the inauguration were RF President Vladimir Putin, Turkish Prime Minister Recep Erdogan, Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi as well as Gazpromís Management Committee Chairman Alexey Miller, BOTASí Chairman of the Board and General Manager Riza Ciftci and ENIís Chief Executive Officer Paolo Scaroni.

A solemn torch lighting ceremony was held in the presence of the state heads to commemorate stronger partnership ties between Russian, Turkish and Italian gas firms.

ďThe Blue Stream construction has become another element of Gazpromís integration into the European and global business as well as created additional conditions for establishing an integrated European energy space. Together with our foreign counterparts we formed a unique gas transmission corridor allowing to directly deliver Russian gas to Turkey, a Gazpromís prominent consumer. Subsea gas grids are becoming an integrated part of the global gas transmission system and we are intent on keeping pace with their best construction practices from now and onwards. Today weíve addressed the possibility of implementing new promising projects including with regard to Russian gas transit via Turkey to southern Europe,Ē Alexey Miller was quoted as saying.


Blue Stream is a gas main designed for direct gas deliveries of Russian gas to Turkey under the Black Sea without the transiting countriesí involvement. The length of its on- and offshore sections totals 1,213 km. The line construction was completed in December 2002 and first gas was transmitted in February 2003.

Since the pipeline launch Turkey has received a total of more than 8.2 bcm of gas, with 3.2 bcm delivered over 2004 and some 4.5 bcm slated for this year. In 2010 Blue Stream will reach its nominal capacity of 16 bcm of gas per annum.

The pipeline offshore section is owned by the Russian-Italian joint venture Blue Stream Pipeline Company B.V. (BSPC) founded on a par by Gazprom and ENI. The onshore section is owned and operated by Gazprom.

Part of Blue Stream, the Samsun-based Durusu pressure reducing and metering station has been built by the Turkish-Russian joint venture OHS.

On 30 December 2002, Durusu hosted a protocol signing ceremony for the Blue Stream commissioning. On 20 February 2003, first commercial Russian natural gas was piped by Blue Stream via Durusu to Turkey.

Durusu is mainly intended for reducing pressure and metering the amount of Russian natural gas supplied. Gas is measured under international standards.

The station is designed for the 200 Ata input working pressure subsequently reduced to 75 Ata for injecting gas to the Turkish gas transmission network. Durusuís capacity is two million cubic meters of gas. Gas pressure is reduced by three regulators manufactured by the Italian company Nuovo Pignone.

Both Russia and Turkey represented by Gazexport and BOTAS, respectively, keep a record of the Russian natural gas supplied. The station controls are automated.

On 3 November 2005 the Gelendzhik district of the Krasnodar area hosted the inauguration of the first phase of the Blue Stream-based Beregovaya compressor station, which includes three gas pumping units and two turbo generators. Beregovaya is part of Blue Streamís offshore section and is owned by BSPC. Located 235 m above sea level on the Black Sea coast near the Arkhipo-Osipovka settlement, Beregovaya has the 150 MW design capacity allowing the station to generate the 250 Ata gas pressure.

Beregovaya is a unique technical facility erected through the use of the most advanced technologies, with a high level of production process automation. While in the usual practice of gas main construction transmission compressor stations are located within a 80-120 km range from each other, Beregovaya will deliver gas about 400 km by Blue Streamís offshore section. Beregovayaís first phase capacities will help fully provide contractual gas supply amount to Turkey. The station is scheduled to have a total of six gas pumping units and three turbo generators operational.




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