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January 26, 2005

AO MOSENERGO builds smaller power facilities in Moscow region

In the town of Pavlovsky Posad of the Moscow region AO MOSENERGO plans to launch a small power station based on a gas turbine unit. As of today, AO MOSENERGO is in the preparatory stages of the project. The first unit of the mini-CHP is expected to be launched in the fourth quarter of 2005.

This power station was named GTU TEZ Pavlovsky Posad (which stands for “gas turbine unit – combined heat and power plant Pavlovsky Posad”). The plant will run on Russian equipment that will consist of two 8 MWt gas turbine units and two 16 GCal/hour boilers. The control system makes it possible to launch the station in the fully automated mode, the synchronization of the generator as well as the monitoring of all operation parameters.

The general design was carried out by one of the branches of AO MOSENERGO’s – Mosenergoproject Institute. The general contractor will be represented by specialists from GRES-3 of AO MOSENERGO. It was the Administration of Pavlovsky Posad that asked the Moscow power company to build a new station. In recent years, Pavlovsky Posad and vicinity have experienced acute power shortages that have slowed residential construction and economic development.

The power station is a second “small-capacity” project for AO MOSENERGO. In 1999, AO MOSENERGO launched a mini-plant in Electrostal, a major innovation in combined heat and power generation. During the years of operation, Electrostal plant showed high reliability in terms of equipment and power supply. Judging by the available experience, gas turbine units are the most promising technology for heat supply in the Moscow region.

Opposite to common turbine units that are used at power stations, the vanes of the gas turbine are propelled by burnt gas (not by steam). The by-products of burning gas can be used to heat water and houses. This same scheme will be used in the operation of the mini-plant in Pavlovsky Posad.

Small gas turbine CHPs have a number of advantages including lower cost of power generation, higher ratio of fuel utilization, relatively short period of design works and construction. In addition, the construction of small power plants will make it possible to reduce losses during the transmission and distribution of heat, as well as minimize the emission of pollutants to the atmosphere.




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