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North-West Telecom

July 28, 2005

North-West Telecom has summed up the results of implementing the Programme for Providing Telecommunication Services to Residents of St. Petersburg for the Years 2005-2007 in the 2nd quarter of 2005

In the 2nd quarter of 2005 the branch Petersburg Telephone Network of OJSC NWT satisfied 13,245 applications from citizens for telephone installation received before 1st January 2005. On the whole, the results of the 1st half of 2005 show that the waiting list for telephone installation has been reduced by 22,900 applications. Most of applications from citizens received during the 1st half were satisfied in Tsentralny, Vyborgsky, Petrogradsky and Kirovsky district s of the city. The telephone network in the settlement of Shushary has been provided with digital equipment. Provision of up-to-date telephone communication for that settlement , along with other territories most difficult and expensive for telephone installation, had been included in the draft Programme.  

In the 2nd quarter 253 applications from veterans and disabled of WW II and from the categories of citizens and residents of the blockade Leningrad having equal privileges were satisfied. All in all, 636 applications from the said privileged categories of citizens were satisfied during the 1st 6 months , including all applications received before 1st January 2005. At the moment the work of providing telephone communication to the privileged categories of citizens is continuing and all received applications are satisfied within the shortest time.  

As of 1st January 2005, the city waiting list for telephone installation numbered 56,000 applications. The problem of telephone installation is especially acute for those living in remote settlement s, often scarcely populated, with privately built territories in Petrodvorets, Krasnoye Selo, Vyborg, Kurort and Pushkin district s of the city. The waiting list for such most problem areas was about 12,000 applications as of   1st January.  

In the 2nd half the PTN branch of OJSC North-West Telecom is planning to satisfy all remaining applications from citizens received before 1st January of 2005 with the following distribution by quarters: 3rd quarter 17,000 applications, 4th quarter 16,900 applications.

Besides, at the moment, the PTN branch is developing a project for deblocking over 100,000 telephone numbers in St. Petersburg. This project requires serious financial investment, as telephone number deblocking implies equipment replacement at telephone exchanges and provision of extra equipment for line facilities.    

It is expected that in 2005, as a result of replacement of analog equipment of telephone exchanges by digital equipment, 14,000 telephone numbers will be deblocked, and in 2006 about 11,000 numbers will be deblocked.   If extra funds are included in the investment plan for replacement of subscriber sets equipment at telephone exchanges and provision of extra equipment for line facilities, it is expected that another 29,000 numbers will be deblocked in 2006.    

The Programme for Providing Telecommunication Services to Residents of St. Petersburg for the Years 2005-2007 was prepared by specialists of OJSC North-West Telecom upon instructions of the Governor of St. Petersburg in the framework of a task force gathered under the aegis of the RF Informatization and Communication Committee. The key goal of the Programme is to fully satisfy the demand of St. Petersburg residents for up-to-date telecommunication services and to eliminate the queue existing in the city for telephone installation.




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